Ok, so you’re thinking, “What’s the point of Veokami? Why the hell should I vote for you in this Lollapalooza competition?

Good question. Social niceties aside (i.e I’ll support you because I’m your friend), there are some very good reasons you should vote for us in this competition, especially if you:

  • Love live music
  • Have trouble finding relevant videos from events
  • Take videos at events
  • Want me to buy you a beer. Ever. Again.

First up, Veokami is still in beta. We haven’t finished the product. What will it be within the next two months? Two key things.

  • A place to find video from events like conferences, concerts etc. Any event. We’re organising videos that were taken together in the same place by grouping them together so we can reconstruct parts of the event for you to re-experience.
  • A place where you can share your favourite moments from events you’ve attended and discuss those moments with likeminded people.

Why do you care? I’m going to number these for maximum impact. Yeah. This time, there’s more than two things.

  1. Finding and sorting through more than a handful of videos from a concert is hard… you can easily find the most popular videos. But what if you want to see what happens next? 9 times out of 10, Veokami will find you a video that will show you what happens next. 
  2. The next time I search for “Green Day Lollapalooza” and see some dude in his bedroom singing “Good Riddance” whilst strumming a cruddy guitar he bought at Walmart I’m going to commit seppuku. You know what I’m talking about. I hate that guy. Veokami uses math and smart stuff to make sure that douche doesn’t muddy your results.
  3. More of us are taking videos when we’re at events. Whether it’s iPhones, Android phones, Sony Bloggies, Flip cams whatever, the amount of video that’s being uploaded every minute would blow your mind: 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, every minute. We need to be smarter about how we deal with these videos so we can find them later. Veokami takes an innovative approach that uses audio processing so we can group videos together.

We want to launch Veokami at an event like Lollapalooza, with the blessing of Lollapalooza, so that we can show the potential of what we’ve developed. Also, by the time August rolls around, we’ll have more features in place that will make our product vision clearer.

Please take the time to vote. Please note that the voting requires you to connect with Facebook in order to prevent fraud… not to spam you or your friends.

[NOTE: You can’t just “like” the submission. You have to click “Vote”… see the screenshot below]

Thank you! If we do win, beers are on me.