I’m super excited that we’re covering the Austin City Limits Music Festival down in Texas. The lineup is killer – Coldplay, Kanye, Stevie Wonder(!!!!),  Arcade Fire, My Morning Jacket. And Skrillex. Who could miss Skrillex. Pretty Lights. I wish I was going to be there.

One of the really cool things they’re doing is live webcasting many of the performances on YouTube. You can tune in during the event here.

Sometimes I’ll be chatting to people about Veokami, and they’ll ask me – “so, you think you’ll be able to replace an official camera crew?” For now, the answer is: no way. In the future it may become more feasible, but let’s face it – no one is tall enough to get those epic crowd shots, or the artist-eye-level shots where you can see the sweat on their nose.

But what *is* really exciting is the ability to augment the clean, above-the-melee footage with some raw, authentic, I-WAS-FRKN-THERE-MAN shots. That dude dancing up a storm at Big Audio Dynamite. Deadmau5 opening in epic rain.  The crazy mud dancing to the arctic monkeys.

Kinda feels more like being there. And makes me wish I was there. Andddd… in that spirit we’ll be seeing ACL’s official videos mixed in with your fan videos after the fest! Huzzah!

Anyways. Check out ACL on Veokami. Right now, you can only vote (cause it hasn’t happened yet, duh). So go vote for which acts you’d like to see unlocked. Afterwards, come back and add some videos. I’ve voted for a couple:

Enough ramblings. Peace up, A-town down.