I backed App.net on Tuesday when they barely had $200k committed to their goal of $500k. After a whole bunch of press and even a few beta-ish apps being released, they’ve scooted past their goal.

I backed App.net because i think it’s a marvelous experiment. Can a pay-for-entry social network actually work when it isn’t a dating site? Will it reach some kind of scale? Could it even be a massive business?

My personal belief is that the quality of the people on a network like App.net is very very likely to be high and of great interest to me. The fact that payment is required to get in is a good reason to believe it will remain high.

We’ll see, but the experiment itself (and being a part of it!) is totally worth the $50 I paid. I’m glad they made their goal.

There’s still 13-ish hours left – here’s where you can back the project: https://join.app.net/