When I was 12, I wrote for fun. I would beg the teacher for more time to write longer stories, usually about eagles or battles that somehow involved Frodo or Aragorn.

When I was 21, my lovely mother and sister made me a wonderful compilation of stories that spanned my whole “career” of writing – from the scribbles of a 3 year old through to the  sophisticated scratchings of a 12 year old.

At 16, I dreamed of going to Oxford and studying english literature. I imagined how happy i would be in a warm room, rain sliding down the windows, green fields outside, stories unfolding under my hands.

It’s pretty clear that none of that ever happened. Recently, though, I took a few days out and I started thinking – why shouldn’t I exercise my imagination a little? Why not write some ultra-short stories every week or so?

I gave myself a theme to help keep the creative juices flowing:  “Invitations”. To make sure I have time and can keep up with this outside of my significant work commitments, stories have a limit of 6-ish paragraphs. They are 1 pagers, ultra short stories.

Then, in a lovely twist, my literarily inclined friend Krys agreed to go one-for-one with me. And here we are, writing “Invitations” stories together.

It’s surprisingly fun to have a writing buddy. It’s also really, really fun to have a very short brain exercise that I can look forward to weekly.

Here is the first Invitations piece by me: Watchers

Here is Krys’ piece: Half Moon Bay

And my second piece: Rich Kids, 2104

I’ve also dug up some poems i’d been noodling on for a while and decided to bare them to the world, too.

Feedback is welcome, though constructive criticism is preferred. No one improves without feedback!

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