People complain incessantly about vertical videos – videos that are shot in portrait mode. Understandably so, because they’re hard to watch. And they’re weird, cause we’re so used to watching widescreen videos.

If you have ever shot a video on your phone, you’ll notice how much easier it is to hold your camera steady when you’re holding the phone vertically. It feels far more natural and infinitely less precarious.

Many video apps, thinking to do the world a favor, require the user to rotate their phone sideways before shooting video so that the video comes out nice and widescreen. Admirable idea, and it’s one that we tried at Switchcam.

But recently I’ve come to believe that this is bass-ackwards. The device should work to the users needs, rather than some jerk-face piece of software telling the user, “you’re doing it wrong!” Sounds like something straight out of 1998.

Someone (I’m looking at you, Google/Moto) should just make a phone that takes landscape video when held vertically. This is how the Flip Cam worked – hold it vertically, get landscape video.

There’ll be some tradeoffs needed and it will confuse the percentage of well meaning people who attempt to get it right as it is.

But I’m convinced that, in the end, the world will thank you.