It’s not a question to ask of the candidate, it’s a question to ask yourself. In fact, it’s a question you ask before you even start looking for someone:

“What am I going to *stop* doing after I hire this person?”

This works on a couple of levels.

First, I believe you shouldn’t hire anyone for something that you haven’t already been doing yourself in some capacity. This is so a) you know that you do *actually* need someone in that role (i.e, hiring for that role will not be a waste of resources) and b) you know what to look for.

Second, it encourages the delegation mindset. People don’t scale, they delegate. If you start by listing the tasks that you will stop doing when you hire someone, you’re setting them up to own their work and do a great job.

[Thanks to Vince Turner for the suggestion to write these thoughts down!]