I’m Brett. I’m building a video curation & discovery startup called Veokami. I co-founded GoodBarry, which was acquired by Adobe in 2009. GoodBarry as brand was ultimately shutdown, but lives on as Business Catalyst. I tweet as @brettw, and tumble irregularly when I’m feeling creative on Tumblr. Two pieces of trivia: I speak mandarin chinese and my undergrad thesis on formal (read: mathematical) software development was published at an international academic conference.

What do you mean, “two things”?

When explaining/reasoning I have a habit of starting my sentence by saying: “There’s two things”. My friends soon picked up on my habit. Since I will be explaining/reasoning about stuff on this site it’s a fitting name.

This blog is a place to share my thoughts on business, tech, marketing and whatever else I’m feeling strongly about. Beware: I am opinionated.

Thanks for stopping by. Cowabunga.